EMD SD9 "Torpedo Tube" V1

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Some (to me) beautiful old SD9 high hoods in the paint jobs I remember seeing on these as a kid. Works as replace for default freight or can be added to Overhauled Trains. Install instructions are in the READ ME. To drive this train, add EMDSD9TT to railroad engineer mod. Includes running lights, working head and tail lights. Proper COLs and LODs. Has livery support also.

To enable liveries on default replace:

In OpenIV navigate to:


Make a backup of VEHICLES.META.

Next enter edit mode and right click on vehicles.meta in the OpenIV list.

Select EDIT.

Search for the entry for "FREIGHT"

Add the following in the FLAGS of the entry:


Unclick edit mode and exit OpenIV.

The engine will now show different pain-jobs when it spawns.
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