Crafter Otaris Ambulance Dutch [ELS | Template]


We worked hard to realize this detailled project and we are searching for time to work on a 2.0 to improve this vehicle and add more details.

DISCLAIMER: It is not allowed to reupload this model without our premission, if you reskin it you can only upload the YTD files and refer to this download.

Known bugs:
- When car crashes en door flies off the car wil duplicate
- The car might dissappear in different distances

Next version to do list:
- Less Polygons
- Own 3d Modelled interior for the rear
- The right screens in front
- Slidedoors on both sides
- Fix all the known bugs

- Model : Humster3D
- Convert : Team SizzGames Mods - Eno
- Textures : Team SizzGames Mods - Eno & Iddo
- Lightsetup : Team SizzGames Mods - Iddo
- Details : Team SizzGames Mods - Iddo & Eno
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