Mercedes-Benz B-klasse 2014 | Unmarked British/Danish police | ELS ready 1.0


/// Dear all. Feel free to make YouTube videos of this car and post it right here if you want. Then I will watch it and smash a like. Thank you! ///

Consider a donation. Making these cars are not free since Zmodeler 3 is a paid program. If people donate (not big amount) I will be able to continue my work in the future. Thanks for your understanding!

Please have a look in the readme file that I provided in the text.

Update: Feel free to make a video and please consider a like.

Unmarked Danish Mercedes Benz B-class car from 2014. Supports British plates, but you must make them by your self by editing the plates in .ytd file.

This text is written in English.
Version: 1.0

// Thank you for downloading this file //

First of all, I would personally thank SizzGames-Mods ( for uploading the unlocked version of this car.
The credits for the car goes directly to him. The following is copied from SizzGames-Mods readme file.


Hereby I release the Mercedes Benz B Class unlocked for all the Devs out there who might get a nice project out of this!

3D Model = SizzGamesMods - Iddo
Convert = SizzGamesMods - Iddo
Lightbar = SizzGamesMods - Iddo
Textures = SizzGamesMods - Iddo
Other 3d details = NovalexNeko ( For example the 3d trunkshell interior )


Secondly, the car you just downloaded is an unmarked Danish police car. I know they are using this kind of cars, since I live in Copenhagen and actually saw one.

I will also leave credits for the danish guy, AchillesDKpolicemods for the vertex file he have on his webpage. Have a look, there are many cool cars too!

// This car is add-on //

Extra info.
- This car is locked.
- This file contain only "ELS".


Please use this video to install the car correctly. If you are an experienced user, this would be easy for you...

To install this car. You have to install the files: "MB2014civil.yft", "MB2014civil.ytd" and "MB2014civil_hi.yft" in:
mods -> update -> x64 -> dlcpacks -> mpchristmas2 -> dlc.rpf -> x64 -> levels -> gta5 -> vehicles -> xmas2vehicles.rpf

Next, you are going to find "carvariation.meta" file:
mods -> update -> x64 -> dlcpacks -> mpchristmas2 -> dlc.rpf -> common -> data
in carvariation.meta, you have to paste the code from the txt file: To carvariations

Now you have to find vehicles.meta
mods -> update -> x64 -> dlcpacks -> mpchristmas2 -> dlc.rpf -> common -> data -> levels -> gta5
and in vehicles.meta, you have to paste the code from the txt file: To vehicles

To install ELS, go to your GTA 5 directory. From here
ELS -> pack_default
and paste the file I provided...

(You might need to change the siren and edit it by yourself.)

If you did it correct, you need a trainer and type: MB2014civil and voila, your car works!

//Additional info//
Feel free to edit texture on this car and upload by yourself, just remember that you are only allowed to upload .ytd files and not the entire car.
You have to link to the one I uploaded.

You may use the car in FiveM.

This car is actually my third ELS car but my first release. I've studied Zmod and ELS. Maybe I release the other cars that you can see in screen7 in the picture folder. The cars
- VW Golf Variant
- VW Passat 2016 sedan

I can not guarantee that you might find bugs etc. If you do, let me know.
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