Handling for ANSWER's BMW E46 M3 (Custom Tuned) 1.5


Supported model: ANSWER's 2005 BMW E46 M3

Custom tuned handling I made for personal use, decided to share it here. Similar to my realistic handlings, but this time I had liberties in the power and performance of the vehicle, based on your usual tuned car setup. Special thanks to nyconing for the knowledge behind the modified power curve, and to Eddlm for tips on mass and inertia forces.

Modified power curve using Menyoo's power multipliers, real-life gear ratios set with Custom Gear Ratios, and configurable drivetrain settings with Manual Transmission.

Menyoo / Manual Transmission / Custom Gear Ratios

Simple Fuel / Dial Accuracy Fix / Turbo Fix

If you would like me to do handling for another model, or have criticism and suggestions for current and future files: Contact me via my Discord :)

(in km/h)
0-100 3.6s
0-200 9.8s
100-0 2.2s
Quarter-mile time 11.1s
Half-mile time 16.9s
Top speed @ rev limit 331km/h

> Support for fuel mods, realistic petrol tank capacity
> Increased damage/deformation from collisions

Removed a certain advanced flag that inhibited engine revs when sliding - car should now freely rev in a powerslide/drift. Tweaked CCarHandlingData fCastor value from positive to negative.
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