Bomb Squad Declasse Alamo Retro [Add-on] 1.1

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Los Santos Police Department Bomb Squad pack

Vehicles have working LODs and Glass Shards.
More vehicles soon..

Changelog 1.1
Alamo Retro livery has been fixed

Spawn Names
- bombalamo - LSPD Bomb Squad Declasse Alamo Retro

1. Open OpenIV.
2. Navigate to the 'mods' folder
3. Move "bombsquad_pack" folder to mods\update\x64\dlcpacks
4. Find "dlclist.xml" (update/update.rpf/common/data)
5. Open "dlclist.xml" and add the following line to the bottom: dlcpacks:/bombsquad_pack/

11john11 - Trackify stolen vehicle tracking system, improved console setup, emissives for the vanilla style MX7000 Lightbar, dashcam, antennas, laptop
w/ - Alamo Retro, trunk equipment, various halogen and LED lights
Voit Turyv - interior console, various LED modules
Jacobmaate - MDC antenna, improved LED emissive texture
EVI, bravo-one-charlie - lightbar feet
Vx5 Voltage - vanilla style MX7000 Lightbar
AlexanderLB - Wiwang Emergency Lighting System texture
Nachtfliege/Nacho - trunk equipment
Skitty - Wiwang Emergency Lighting System model
RooST4R - Alamo Retro rims
TheMaybeast - modern Wiwang siren controller texture
breakehh_ - edited MX7000 lightbar
vt1032 - livery
ukeyS - cool screenshots

Terms Of Use
- You're not allowed to re-upload this modification without authors permissions.
- You're not allowed to use this mod on multiplayer servers (like FiveM/ALTV/RageMP etc). If you want use this you have to ask for permission.

Discord: breakehh_#3030
My discord server:

Make sure you installed this mods
- Custom Gameconfig
- Sirensettings Limit Adjuster
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