Boeing 747-200 Supertanker Firefighting Aircraft [Add-On]


Yea, that's right. A new 747. Basically the same airframe as the 747-100 and Air Force One mod. However, the belly now incorporates 4 water outlet tubes and the aircraft has a new livery representing the Evergreen Supertanker. Pressing the fire button will make water come out of the outlets. Detailed cockpit and functions like flaps, ailerons, gears, instruments and lights included.
Idea came from Elope, so thanks to him :)

Check out Instagram to be up-to-date with WIP works and to submit livery requests for new airliners.

Thanks you for all your continuous support and feedback, allowing me to now have over 100 uploads here. Your comments, ratings and donations are what keep me going, so don't stop what you've been doing ;)
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