BMW Isetta 1957 300 LSPD, LSSD, BCSO


Catching the tail of April Fools Day. This car has identical setup like patrol cars in planned 1940s-1950s Retro Emergency Vehicles Pack which is going to be released tommorow at boosty and after a month publicly.


PayPal (inactive):


Emergency lights:

Most of emergency lights and equipment 3D Models: solo, Lundy, 11john11

Winchester M1912: - Morrice, toitoine66

Overhauling of emergency lights, creation of carcols.meta and radical edits of 3D Models: Lozano71

All liveries and assembling of pack: Lozano71

BMW Isetta 300 1957

Model: Forza Horizon 3 & Motorsport 4
Convert: baba0rum
Upload: LeeDaeul
Template and fixes: Lundy
Fixes and finalising: Lozano71

Credits list may lack some nicknames, so, If I missed someone, or you see errors in credits, please note me about that, I will be happy to fix that, because my work was impossible without these authors.
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