BMW 330i E90 Pre-LCI [Add-On | Replace | Livery | Extras] M2.3.5i


Make: BMW
Model: 330i
Chassis: E90, Pre-LCI
Engine: 3.0L Inline 6 Cylinder Engine (Codename: N52B30O0)
Power and Torque: 190kW (255hp), 300Nm (221 lb-ft)
0-100 km/h (60 mph): 6.2 Seconds
Drivetrain: RWD (Rear Wheel Drive)
Market: USDM(United States Domestic Market)/CDM(Canadian Domestic Market)

-SA Model
-MQ Engine
-MQ Interior
-HQ Lights
-Paintable Interior (Secondary Paint: Matte)
-Working dials/gauges/radio
-Accurate 6 Cylinder Sound for the addon, sounds like the N52 engine installed in the car.
-All windows are breakable
-Collisions properly mapped
-Power and weight figures as well as physics in the addon are true to life as I've compared the charateristics of this car to my own car.
-All lights properly mapped and working
-Car is mapped and comes with a template
-Tunable (But no tuning parts)
-Can be used either as an addon or a replacement
-Extras (Sunroof shade/cover/canvas, Coke in can, a pack of cigarettes, dollar bills, etc.)
-It replaces the Oracle but you can rename it to replace any RWD 6 Cylinder 4-Door Sedan of your choice
-Perfectly sized for the GTA V Environment

Modeled and converted to Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas by: Trall (Thanks man! If you want me to take this mod down just PM me!)
ICQ: 306964952

Converted to and optimized for Grand Theft Auto V by: s13bros


Minor update
-Headlight reflector bug on E90 Black Shadowline fixed
-Indicator lights realistically emit amber now

Lots of bugs fixed
-Wheels resized perfectly, 18 inches in real life diameter
-Materials reassigned and sorted out
-OEM Angel Eyes added
-HQ Taillights added
-Headlights and headlight beams improved
-Indicator lights improved
-Plate light repositioned
-Front license plate added as extra
-Reflections revised
-Handling improved, faster, better performance, and more accurate than ever (Only applies to addon)
-Calipers painted factory silver
-Brake rotors detailed
-Interior carpeting added
-3 pedals changed to 2 pedals to suit automatic transmission (clutch pedal removed)
-Sharper textures

These may seem like minor updates, but they improve the mod drastically, feel it to believe it :)

Initial Release
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