Beater Dukes Pushbar [Replace] 1.0

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The Beater Dukes has gotten a bit of an upgrade thanks to its apocalyptic cousin, the Duke O' Death. This minor model edit includes a pushbar now as an extra and includes a proper collision as well for when you want to give other cars a nice love tap.

All features of the original Beater Dukes still function, and the model is still fully compatible with all parts in its modkit.

This is a replacement model and goes in mpsum.rpf/x64/levels/gta5/vehicles/mpsum.rpf
No other changes need to be made. This is a toggleable extra, meaning it will not appear automatically on spawn.
This model should not be used online, I am not resposible for those who are banned as a result of using this model in GTA Online.

Credits go to Rockstar Games for the original model and to Algonquin Hood for porting the pushbar as an extra for the Dukes Cobra, from which I lifted this part from. This was the first vehicle I've ever edited with Zmodeler and plan to resume work on the Oceanic once I understand mesh editing and materials.
If this is used in a FiveM server, please make sure to credit me in some form of asset list please.
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