AWD Gymkhana Hoonicorn Drift Handling


By default this mod replaces the Banshee handling when you replace the handling.meta. If you would like to apply the handling to any other car; copy the code in the Hoonicorn_Handling text document and replace it with the existing code for that car in the handling.meta file. (MAKE SURE TO BACKUP YOUR FILES FIRST!)

See it in action:

Hoonicorn Handling: The Hoonicorn handling mod was created by myself, I've done my best to emulate the handling of the AWD hoonicorn; it uses a 6-speed gearbox for more of a kick and greater control at low speeds. However, it does still pick up speed rather quickly and can hold a nice slide with angle and speed that could compete with any RWD drifter.

You can throw it into a corner with a lot of force and keep it under control, even some 180 negative entries and keep the power on using both the throttle and brakes to keep the wheels spinning, while momentum carries the car backwards.

It can be quite difficult to master and requires use of the handbrake, brakes, good countersteer and throttle control, so I recommend you use a controller.

- Open Open IV 2.6.
- Go to update > update.rpf > common > data
- Enable edit mode and and copy the handling.meta file provided into this location.

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