Annis RSC-7 [Add-On / Replace] PHASE 4

Zio Ark


When other rivals of that era offered big engines, high end technology and nausea-inducing speeds, the Annis RSC-7 offered the exact opposite: lightweight, connected to the road and featuring the last DCC rotary engine, this 90s icon offered the pure joy of driving. When you were not busy changing the oil for the sixth time in a week, thinking that maybe you should have bought another sportscar.

The Annis RSC-7 is my second vanilla model. So please, don't molest me. I'll happily accept criticism, just avoid saying "it looks like shit". It doesn't help.

alpha phase 3.1
- Improved add-on version
- Fixed rim polys and specmap
- Fixed hardtop/targa top polys
alpha phase 4

After this update, I'll work on further development, such as mapping and tuning. i.e. if you have some complaints about the model, say it now, since I won't be able to fix it anymore. Unfortunately the hatchback thing suggested is a bit tricky and I'm not sure it will be this relevant to the car. I'll see what to do in the future.
- Improved rear lights fascia
- Reworked front bumper
- Reworked headlights
- Smoothened bodyshell
- Improved hierarchy
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 PHASE 4 (current)

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Minggu, 08 April 2018

 Alpha phase 3.1 (fixed) (AGAIN)

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Kamis, 05 April 2018

 Alpha phase 3

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Selasa, 03 April 2018

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