Ace Combat 7 handling mod v1.1


1.Open OpenIV then go to /update/update.rpf/common/data/
2.Put Edit mode : on and replace handling.meta

I accidentally made this when i modify the handling.meta file so... yeah here it is

High G guide: Accelerate, and press the yaw button when you're turning,

Post Stall guide: accelerate and go above 220 KM/H, pitch up, brake, and press the yaw button at the same time

v1.1 update:
better maneuverability, now you can do Kulbit
Kulbit Guide:
1. Go to a low altitude and accelerate to 205-210 KM/H
2. Pitch up and press the yaw button
3. Brake when your nose is pointing up but don't brake for too long
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