2020 Yamaha YZF-R1/R1M [Add-on | Tuning | Livery | Template] V3.6


Base Model : Yamaha MyGarage
Convert to SA : NGR_Ardiansyah
Convert to V : Zen-Imogen
Liveries : Ma_Mat
Screenshots and Graphical Mods : coffee88

- Standard features (light works, dials works, dirt mapped, etc)
- Tuning

1. Copy "20yzfr1" folder to mods\update\x64\dlcpacks\
1. Add to the *dlcpacks:/20yzfr1/* dlclist.xml

Changelog 3.5 - 3.5.1 :
- Fix the seating position (the foot is now on the peg).
- Fix Flickering spec on the front disk

Changelog 3.5.1 - 3.6 :
- Major Shader Tweak
- Rename all In-game tuning from "Carbon Hood"
- Major Tweak in First-Person Perspective
- Tweaking the color, it's no longer using green rims (you can change the color using trainer)
- Removing some unnecessary tuning
- Adding New Tuning
- Tweaking in handling (Highly recommended using Engine Multiplier to 25 with Manual Transmission)
- It is very highly recommended that you use R1 Sound from TheAdmiester

FAQ Times!
Q : What's the spawn name?
A : 20r1

Q : Ohh no! the sound is missing
A1: Simple, update your game to the latest version
A2 : You can change the sound

1. Open openiv
2. Go to GTAV\mods\update\x64\dlcpacks\yzfr6\dlc.rpf\data
3. Open vehicles.meta and search for bati
4- change diablous to double
like this double

I wouldn't use Double sound if I were you, Bati sound is a high-ref 4 bangers sound. the closest one I can get is Bati

Q : "I want to be racing look, track bike look, I WANT TO REMOVE THE TAIL"
A : Simple! it's on Tuning on your favourite trainer

Q : I can't tune it.
A : Change the ID for carvariation and carcols example :

From :
carcol.meta :


To :


From :


carvariations :


Known Bugs :

Important Notes :
- Prohibited without the author's permission converting the model into other games.
- Prohibited uploading a 3D model in any resources for download.
- Prohibited using a modification for commercial purposes.
- Prohibited to Reupload in

Special Thanks :
-Cristian Cen
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