Ford GT LM [Add-On | Template | Liveries] 5.0[FIX]



Spawn Name:gtrlms

Side mirrors color can be changed through the primary color

wheels in the main picture @

Update 1.1-Fixed 68 Car livery.
Update 2.0-Updated handling and added 2018 Daytona Livery
Update 2.5-Updated textures and fixed minor bugs.
Update 3.0-Fixed bug from 2.8 where car didn't spawn.
Update 3.5-Added config for IKT's Glowing brake discs mod. minor texture changes.
Update 4.0-Tried to solve spawning issue(if it doesn't work it might be an installation error. Also changed Vehicle engine sound
Update 4.5-Turned spoiler into a customization option,
-changed handling,
-Added side mirrors in "fender" mod option(yes they are in different spots like real life)
[They do not move with doors while opening them though, will try to fix in next update]
-Added Red Bull Racing esports livery
Update 5.0
-Added livery, gave low res textures for those with memory and spawning issues, and updated stock handling.

extra 1-spoiler
extra 2-roll cage
extra 3- back license plate


Car Features:
-Working Dials
-High Quality Liveries
-Dirt map
-Breakable Glass
-Realistic Handling
-High Quality Interior
-High Quality Exterior
-Top Speed-190 mph

Spent weeks making, so have fun!
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