2014 Metropolitan Police Volvo V40 Pack


This is my Volvo V40 Pack that contains the Area Car and Traffic Q Car versions. It is ELS enabled with rear reds and wig wags.
This was used on a few boroughs in 2014 and is still used in CW (Westminster) but was later replaced by the BMW 525D due to being too light. Enjoy!

Model: Bleep999
Lowering/Fixes: Bleep999
Template: Bleep999
Window Template: Bleep911
Lightbar: Kieran Chandler
MDT Dome: Kieran Chandler
Antennas: Matthew Cammack
ANPR Camera: Kieran Chandler
TIR3: Matthew Cammack
TIR3 Textures: Bleep999
ION Spitfires: Kieran Chandler
Net: Kieran Chandler
Caravan Mirror: Kieran Chandler
Fire Extinguisher: Rockstar Games
MDT: Bleep999
Siren Control Box: Bleep999
Radio: Bleep999
Number Plates: Bleep999
Skins: Luigi
Window Texture: Luigi
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