Hellraiser Cam Motor Idle Sound 1.0 [FINAL]


ATTENTION - This is not click bait! I just used zievs trans am ws6 to show the loppy idle cam sound mod i created. His trans am will be released here one day. Patience.

video is capped at 192kbps on sound with obs, so it will sound much better in your game at 320kbps. Guaranfukinteed.

For the rims on the trans am, they came from Bayan Asghar hq b rim pack.
i used his chrome package texture for the rim model. Link below

Open STREAMED_VEHICLES_GRANULAR.rpf using OpenIV (located in %YOUR_PATH%\Grand Theft Auto V\x64\audio\sfx)

Right-click muscle_car_2_us_v8 and click export to openFormats

open the rar file i put up for download, drag the 2 files i provide and drop those into the new folder you exported to and replace the 2 files.

In OpenIV, the same place you exported to openformat, make sure your
in edit mode and import openFormats to the same directory. ( when importing for NOOBS, just click the awc file within the newfolder, and then click ok when prompted. ) or just watch a freaking how to video on youtube im sure their are plenty. im not here to teach people how to mod, im here to provide the fucking mod ok. :)

not sure if you need to defrag but i always do no matter what so just defrag
after. I was never ganna share this due to the low reviews i got on the candy machine, but so many are asking me to upload so here you go. I could'nt make it loop longer, this is as good as it gets, so dont fucking bitch and moan. Sounds fucking perfect anyways on my bose surround sound.

dont offer to donate i got a job dont need your assistance, donate to the vehicle converters, and script makers. they work their ass's off to bring you the content you wish for. Love you all, icebox

If this somehow gets over 1000 likes, i will consider doing a bigger cam with more retard. Not everybody likes loppy idle cams.

need for muscle fanatics
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