1991 BMW E30 Drift Edition [Add-On] 1.4


IMPORTANT: I will no longer be updating any of my current mods as i don't have the time due to starting a business! So what you see is what you get I'm afraid!

Hi, this is the drift version of the Race BMW.

I'll be uploading up to date pictures when i have more time

Add-on is bundled with the download archive now

The number one thing that was fixed in the add-on version was the flipping so it shouldn't flip anymore. Please note though that it only applies to the add-on version not replacement but you can always use the handling line from the add-on then use that on the replacement. (Might not work though).

On the add-on version though the hands aren't on the steering wheel and until i get my zmodeler licence i can't fix the problem.

HQ Interior with normals
Custom Volk Alloys
Skinnable (I have provided a template as well)
Partly tunable. It's currently got basic ones like the exhaust and no bonnet.
Working Lights
Breakable glass (Needs some work but fine for now)
There could be more but i can't think of any.

The only other thing i can think of is that some LS Custom parts just simply do not fit and pretty much not working properly.

I have provided a ReadMe file.

Replaces: Sentinel.

So yeah that's it, i hope you all enjoy it :)
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