80's Redline knock-off BMX pack [Add-On / Replace] 1.5


Times are tough, originals are expensive and rare so next best option is get a knock-off.
Authentic knock-off no original parts used.
Works as good as an original but looks trash in comparison
You get what you pay for.

Contains the following knock off's:
1980 Proline
1982 Proline II
1982 MXII
1982 MXIII
1983 600a

Note: For bmx82rmxii in an effort to get a metallic finish for the brakes they are now colored via the primary paint. I use metal / 100, 0, 30. If any of the experts know how to do it via a single material please advise thanks.

Recommended handling:
Ideally combine the settings with this one below to ride fakie (backwards)

Disclaimer: I'm no modder I just tweaked the default BMX. Feel free to do whatever. Shoutout to the creators for my modified Franklin you know who you are. Also to the creators of the addon peds I used in most pics you know who you are thanks!

1.5 update
- Tweaks and fixes. Mainly the cranks and handlebar areas
- Added 3x new models
- Renamed existing models for the sake of accuracy

1.4 update
- Misc detailing, texturing and fixes.
- Primary paint now colors the brakes for bmx82r

1.3 update
- More accurate handlebars
- Misc details added
- Color changing tires and frame for bmx82r
- Install instructions now in dlc

1.2 update
- Fixed B-side version rim texture glitch

1.1 update
- Misc fixes
- Addon version
- B-side version
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