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    THANK YOU for this mod. I have always adored the open world and virtual opportunities like flying planes and driving/wrecking cool cars which GTAV offers. However, the f-bombs and nudity/sex have been elements essentially endured to this point. The same was true also for how Rockstar demands the game be always linked online to play it. If you mod it, they restore the files via their update server. As you can imagine, that is quite annoying. Thankfully, I was able to get a second "online" copy that does not adhere to any of Rockstar's security BS. I can play the game how I want, not how they demand. Unfortunately, I believe your mod may also adhere to their security. As a result, I have yet to get it working. My game crashes as soon as it loads story mode. If there is a way to provide this mod for those of us who enjoy NOT having Rockstar always looking over our shoulders, that would be really great. I can provide evidence of my physical PC copy of the game if necessary. I just prefer the non-lowjacked version better. Thanks!

    Selasa, 29 November 2022