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    @DMLegacy Yeah I figured it would be a GTA limiation, that's unfortunate, but if you're able or can even be bothered considering it is quite a bit of work to do is my idea of editing the clothes so that you can have girls with jeans but no shirt on or a skirt but no shirt etc.. like what I said before, if that's even possible.

    What I meant by changing the strippers is their clothing, this mod explains what I meant perfectly, it makes no sense that strippers are covered up which is what Rockstar did, their should be a variety of topless strippers, strippers with see through clothes, maybe a stripper or two completely naked while pole dancing, you get the idea. Also I noticed with your mod that the only people that appear in strip clubs minus the strippers themselves are the topless beach girls, was that intentional? Not complaining I think it's fine was just curious is all, your mod seems to have made a lot of beach girls appear in places outside of the beach lol, they're topless of course.

    Minggu, 23 April 2017
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    @Cyron43 Please for the love of god no, don't ruin it with stupid massive boobs.
    @DMLegacy Nice mod but the variety of girls is lacking, you mostly see the same 3-4 girls over and over again, is that a GTA problem or something you plan on improving? Couple more questions, can you make a mod that changes the strippers as well? Lastly are we going to get more variety of clothing or is it just going to be a topless beach girl? Would be nice to see naked girls walking around everywhere or a girl with jeans but no shirt etc... more variety is the best way to put it.

    Jumat, 21 April 2017