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    @deleternal Hi! I'm sorry to hear you've had a bad experience with the launcher. If it crashes, can you please send me your logs so I can look into it (via Thanks!

    6 hari yang lalu
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    @deleternal Hi! The modded folders are merely moved to your modded profile's external directory. You can move them back by switching to the modded profile - that's the whole point of the launcher :)

    Nothing is deleted without a warning

    Kamis, 17 Agustus 2023
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    @yomama30302 Hi! What did you do before your mods disappeared? Maybe they got moved into a modded profile?

    Sabtu, 12 Agustus 2023
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    @mvincent17781 Thanks! The previous patch partially worked. This new one should fix the problem for good.
    This is mainly due to the codebase having some design flaws (mainly, duplicated code). I'll refactor it at some point :)

    @JikoStudios Thanks! Happy to see it's helpful :)

    Minggu, 23 Juli 2023
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    @mvincent17781 Hi! Can you give me the name of these DLC packs?

    Kamis, 20 Juli 2023
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    @JohnFromGWN Indeed. By renaming dinput8.dll, like I said, you're disabling the ASI loader, which prevents ASI-based mods from being loaded. Without any ASI mods loaded, ScriptHookV in particular is not loaded and does not affect your game directly in any way - sorry if I wasn't clear about this earlier.

    However, just because ScriptHookV or any ASI mods don't tamper with your game doesn't mean Rockstar isn't scanning your game's directory for third-party files, potentially even scanning the files themselves, to eventually use this information to ban you. Again, I don't know if Rockstar performs such scans, but it felt safer to assume they can (or could in the future) as it's easy to implement and wouldn't really be something surprising to do.

    Therefore, it felt safer to move every third-party file out of the game's directory, to a place not scanned or considered by Rockstar. Technically speaking, they could scan your entire hard drive for potential mods, but it would be way harder to implement (recognizing mods from random files on your computer may be tricky), would have a considerable performance impact (especially if you have lots of files), and would definitely violate a bunch of privacy laws.

    I hope I was clearer this time. If that's not the case or if you have any other questions, please let me know :)

    Rabu, 12 Juli 2023
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    @giomac Hi! What do you mean? Did you put the launcher inside your game's folder?

    Selasa, 11 Juli 2023
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    @JohnFromGWN By doing so you're simply disabling the ASI loader, which indeed prevents every ASI-based mods from being loaded. However, it doesn't protect you from filesystem scans. I don't know if Rockstar does such scans, but it would surely be easy to implement and would obviously not be documented.

    My point is, it's safer imho to just move every non-vanilla file out of the game's folder, where Rockstar can't blame you for having them. And again, moving files is basically the same IO operation as renaming them (unless you have a suboptimal environment), so there's no performance difference.

    Selasa, 11 Juli 2023
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    @JohnFromGWN Well, the original idea was to give players the ability to clean their GTA V directory before playing GTA Online. We don't really know how Rockstar scans the game for modded files, and whether or not renamed mods trigger some kind of anti cheat system, so the safest option was just to move everything out of the game's folder.

    Also, there wouldn't really be any reliable way to ensure there's no clashes between your different modded profiles when the files are renamed. For instance, say the launcher worked by renamed every file from "<filename>" to "<filename>.<profile_name>". If you have two profiles "test" and "test2", a file called "a" in your profile "test" and a file called "a.test" in your profile "test2", there would be a clash when the profile "test2" is made active.

    Finally, and most importantly, unless your launcher and GTA V directory are on two separate volumes, moving files actually means renaming them (by considering their names to be their absolute path and not just their filenames).
    Of course, if you've not put the launcher in the same drive as your GTA V install, the files are physically copied from one drive to another everytime you switch profiles, which is indeed incredibly wasteful. I might even add a warning at some point to discourage people from doing that.

    Jumat, 07 Juli 2023
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    @BigSmokeMyDog Ah! Thanks for the heads up, I'll see what's going on...

    Jumat, 07 Juli 2023