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  • 830fd4 screenshot 14

    Like ryan already said I would change the title since its very misleading. Only thing you did are changing the texture maps. But I dont understand what is supposed to be 3D here.

    Rabu, 05 Juni 2019
  • 830fd4 screenshot 14

    Man, very nice!
    It would be cool if you release more GTA SA Cars!

    Jumat, 22 Juli 2016
  • 830fd4 screenshot 14

    Can you maybe import some GTA 3 Era Vehicles to GTA V?
    This would be very cool.

    Senin, 04 Juli 2016
  • 830fd4 screenshot 14

    If a blackout is , you do not hear police sirens in the background ! But in watch dogs.
    and sry if you do not quite understand me, iam not a english Pro.

    Kamis, 17 Desember 2015
  • 830fd4 screenshot 14

    can you maybe add on the middle of the blackout a Police Siren sound, like in Watch Dogs?
    Because this is missing.
    And sorry for my english

    Rabu, 16 Desember 2015
  • 830fd4 screenshot 14

    @FlushingLocal Could they perhaps add that the cars not stop at the traffic lights when the blackout is, but simply start driving, so an accident is caused?

    otherwise good mod, and sry for my english ^^

    Minggu, 06 Desember 2015
  • 830fd4 screenshot 14

    @ganic, perhaps you could write to me what you written in the cmd.exe to convert the object? Because i get this error message: "Cant open input file". In the cmd.exe I enter: C:\Users\Anonym\Desktop\FiveM\ formats:convert (Name of the Object)
    Could you help me maybe?

    Thanks in Advance, and sry for my English.

    Selasa, 01 Desember 2015