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    Still works in May 2024, like autosh0t said above though, there are duplicate props around the exterior of the house that can be addressed by removing the two files he mentions. Have to agree with all the prior comments...being able to go out on the balcony is the only thing this map is missing to make it perfect! Otherwise excellent job!

    Jumat, 03 Mei 2024
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    @OmegaKingMods the format of the items in "ObjectList" from map editor looks a little different than the "add object" file in the download. It shows things like "stt_prop_corner_sign_01=1228889967" (with the "=#######"). Does it matter that the add object file in the download doesn't reference any numbers "airconceil_i1x"?

    Jumat, 03 Mei 2024
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    @HKH191 You have the best ideas that really make SP even better than GTAO because we can use mods. Much respect, but I think this feedback is needed. Everyone is either busy bi*hing and moaning about issues or kissing a** ("bro works his a** off"...etc etc) I don't disagree but that's not useful/actionable feedback

    Unfortunately, this mod is buggy or doesn't work consistently. Maybe that's a user install issue, not sure, but a bad install is bound to happen with the lack of clear directions. I think you need an assistant or something help with posting and communication so you can focus on mod building.

    Don't forget you posted this on 5mods as a stand-alone, but the lack of info suggests we should be looking elsewhere for directions maybe? Respectfully, here's the issues:

    1. Your pinned message says go to my disc as of Jul '23, but your latest download says it's already SHVDN3 and is dated Oct
    '23. Should I still go to disc or did you just not take down your pinned comment (guessing the later).
    2. Instructions are unclear "drop the folder and dll into the scripts folder"...ok but there's a .git folder and a .gitattributes file, so
    you mean those as well? If not then what you mean to say is install all the folders and files in the "scripts" folder only and
    disregard the rest. Either you have no choice on including them and then say that and tell people to ignore them, or get rid
    of the extra stuff.
    3. Again instructions say "folder and dll into scripts folder" so you must mean the stuff WITHIN the "scripts" folder in the
    download since you call out the dll's specifically. Calling out some files within that folder instead of just saying drop the entire
    "scripts" folder into your GTA root directory makes it sound like not all of it goes. So folders and dll's...what about the .pdb
    files? Where does ifruit 2 come into this, it was never mentioned. What about all this extra stuff in your downloads you never it "extra"? What the heck is HKHK mod it necessary or is it optional? Will not having these break
    the mod?
    4. How about "here's how you use this..." OR "no action necessary, the blips will show up on your map automatically and then
    you just ...." or a link to a google doc, YT video or something that explains in more detail.
    5. Is there conflicting mods we should know about...I know there's a million, but is there a specific kind that conflict?
    6. Maybe a FAQ to avoid repeat questions in the comments? There's obviously a lot of people falling through the map or blips
    not there are themes here.

    You're obviously very intelligent and have your finger on the pulse of what kind of mods people are dying to get, but you need to put this stuff in more lay terms. The audience ranges from people coding their own mods to the guy that knows just enough to be dangerous. That added bit of communication would make using a HKH191 mod a smoother experience.

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    Senin, 29 April 2024
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    I like it...I think the way you're doing things around this like your videos is wise (especially with recent events). Do you think that you will be getting to v1.2 or is that tied to the paid.txt?

    Minggu, 28 April 2024
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    @Rawo I was wondering that myself. I think it's a 330i...maybe this one?

    Jumat, 26 April 2024
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    @Tiddy You're kidding right, this can't be your first mod?! If it is, please make more! Nice job man, haven't been looking forward to playing with a new car for a while and this is three in one!

    Minggu, 11 Februari 2024
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    @HKH191 You have got to be the most responsive mod creator on this site. Thank you for getting back to me so quickly!

    Jumat, 09 Februari 2024
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    @HKH191 forgot to tag you in my last post, what to do with the ".git" folder and the ".gitattributes" file in the download? Root directory? I understand the scripts files.

    Kamis, 08 Februari 2024
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    Not sure what to do with the ".git" folder and the ".gitattributes" file in the download. The scripts files are self-explanatory. Do I need the others to make this work and if so, would it just be in the root GTA5 directory?

    Kamis, 08 Februari 2024
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    Mod re-enables first person auto-center even though it's still turned off in settings. Is there a setting that can be adusted in DFPV to disable auto center??

    Senin, 05 Februari 2024