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Slav Menu is an open source modding tool designed for GTA V modders with features that aid in development.


A comprehensive music event player that sorts music events in GTA V both alphabetically by mission/content and chronologically if applicable.

A ped prop align tool that allows one to attach any prop to any ped and adjust its position and rotation for use in their mods. These values can be copied to the clipboard.

A UI Position Tool that can render any texture on the screen while adjusting its size and position. These values can be copied to the clipboard.

Installation & Changelog:

Instructions can be found on this project's Github repository as well as in the downloadable file. All changes made in new versions are documented in the releases section of the Github repository.

Default Keybinds:

Open Menu: F3
Stop Music Event: Subtract
Copy Data To Clipboard: NumPad0

These keybinds can be changed in the included .ini configuration file.


Slav Menu's source code is available on Github. Anyone is welcome to contribute, especially with naming music events as not all are currently included in Slav Menu. Relevant information regarding this topic can be found in the discussions section of the Github repository.


Version 1.1.2:

  • Refactor Music Event Player
  • Add music events from Los Santos Drug Wars DLC
  • Add disable ambient audio option to config
  • Add manual music event input
  • Add descriptions for certain UI elements
  • Update to Json.NET 13.0.2
  • Update to Script Hook V .NET 3.5.1
  • Update to LemonUI 1.9.1

Version 1.1.1:

  • Source dependencies from NuGet
  • Update README for to match Github README
  • Disable fight music and wanted music when disable ambience option is enabled
  • Add music events from The Criminal Enterprises update along with a few more from other content
  • Copy current music event info to clipboard when clipboard key is pressed
  • Increase size of certain menus to fit all text properly
  • Fix bug where multiple menus could open at the same time in certain cases

Version 1.1:

  • Add UI Position Tool
  • Fix minor bug in Music Event Player where menu titles had underscores in them
  • Refactor Ped Prop Align Tool

Version 1.0:

  • First Release
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