GTA V Mod Remove Tool 1.2


You want to clear your whole GTA V directory from mods and don't know which files you need to delete?
This tool helps you to detect all mod files and folders and gives you the chance to delete all mods.

_________ CONTENTS _________

1. System Requirement
2. Information
3. How to use
4. FAQ
5. Known Bugs
6. Credits
7. Changelog

_________ System Requirement _________
--- Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5

_________ Information _________
This Tool show all mod files and folders.

Tested for GTA Online!
No Guarantee or Support for Pirated Versions of GTA5!!!

_________ How to use _________
1. Start this Tool
2. Look which files / folders you need to delete manually or
3. Click on "Delete all mods" and this delete all installed mod files and folders :)

_________ FAQ _________
--- What do this Tool exactly?
This tool shows you all your installed mods (files and folders)

--- Are there more planned features?
Not yet. But I'm working to equip this tool with many features as possible.

_________ Known Bugs _________
No Bugs or Errors for now.

_________ Credits _________
- Gang1111 (Developer)

_________ Changelog _________
- 1.0
Initial Release

- [Added] Context Menu (right mouse click menu) with some extras for Detected Mod list
- [Added] Whitelist (Copy selected mods in your documents (for now))
- [Added] Tool Status on buttom left of the tool
- [Added] "Show whitelist window on start" to Settings
- [Added] Possiblity to change the Whitelist folder/path
- [Added] Mod List Details (Name and Path separately)
- [Improved] Mod List view
- [Improved] Filter
- [Removed] Maximaze tool button
- [Removed] Minimaze tool button

- [Added] Windows code (to work with some windows functions like File/Folder Properties or Copy progress)
- [Added] Detailed File/Folder Size check to the list view
- [Added] "Show File Properties" to ContextMenu (Right click menu on list) [Window File/Folder Properties window]
- [Added] Alternative copy method for Folders whose size is GB [Window Copy progress window]
- [Fix] Folder size check (Not displaying correctly when sub folders are exist)
- [Fix] Crash on first start
- [Improved] File/Folder Size check
- [Removed] Double Click actions
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