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This launcher will allow you to use hotkeys to trigger the "solo freemode" trick that severs your connection from other players in the current freemode lobby. It will not interrupt any active missions, but it will remove any associates or team members from the mission. Friends and crew members will have to rejoin your session, and eventually it may become gradually populated by random players.

This will also work if you get stuck "in the clouds" between sessions. It will not get you banned; all it does is automate a Windows process that suspends the program and times out your Internet connection. You can already do this manually through the Windows Resource Monitor or by physically unplugging your Ethernet cable.

Currently only available for 64-bit. You must be running the game through Steam; otherwise you will have to edit the source code in AutoHotKey and recompile the program.

Read the included TXT file for instructions.

Some people have reported problems with the hotkey not working for them. If this is the case, please post your system specs (operating system, bit size, etc.).

NOTE: If you use this hotkey during vehicle sourcing, your vehicle will probably catch fire, so maybe don't use it during that.
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