Vehicle Detector [.NET] (OUTDATED) 1.5.1


[[ Vehicle Detector v1.5.1 ]]

Vehicle Detector is a mod to check if a vehicle has any illegal flags on it.
There are a few possibilities that a vehicle may have:
-Driver Wanted by LSPD
-Evading Law
-Toll Violation
-Unpaid Fine
This mod is intended to be used for Police Mod 2.

Download all Requirements
Download this file
Place Vehicle Detector.dll & VehicleDetector.ini in root\scripts.

You can edit your name in the ini.

ScriptHookV - Alexander Blade
ScriptHookV .NET - Crosire

Keys ( changeable in ini )
Check car: U
Reset: U

-1.0: Release
-1.0.1: Fixed code error: not using INI key to activate.
-1.1: Added 2 more flags: DUI, Evading Law. Now detects if headlights are broken.
-1.2: Added 2 more flags: Toll Violation, Unpaid fines.
-1.3: Added "Homicide" to flags.
-1.4: Bug fix (trying to fix the issue with having to press insert when the game loads), Released source code on github.
-1.5: Now working again. Code changed to be better organized and slightly object oriented.
-1.5.1: Fixed flags not reading.


Source code (Github)
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