Ultimate Superman script mod 1.1


That's the remake of my first Superman script mod for GTA 5

Full details in the blog post, including installation instructions:


Some features:

-Super strength
-Super velocity
-Supersonic Flight
-Health regeneration
-Sun energy feature (yes, Superman have limited energy, regenerated by the Sun)
-Melee attacks
-Charged melee attacks
-Combo melee attacks
-Grab and throw targets
-Gently carry persons
-Laser attack
-Laser slice attacks
-Laser Blast attack
-Laser Vaporize attacks
-Super wind blow
-Freeze wind blow
-Suit customization in the suit .ini file (health, damage coef., energy regen, hit force coef., etc.)


-Fixed max Sprint Speed being limited after flight
-Fixed Toggle Flight not working when in ragdoll state, press Space bar two times
to ignore ragdoll
-Fixed script crash issue when fighting scripts enemies
-Fixed random game crash issue when toggle powers Off
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