Uber Driver Mod [REVAMPED] 0.3.1a


NEW: This mod is now open sourced! Repository

UPDATE 8/23/2023: Hey! I'm done with this project for now, with a possibility of it returning in the future. For now, it is open sourced and anyone can feel free to work on, modify, and distribute the project openly.

A total revamp of the previous Uber Driver Mod.

What's new?
The entire mod has been written from scratch. Including a whole new driving system, levelling system, enhanced UI and more.

A mission to drive peds across the map, rating and levelling system, 80+ drop off locations.

Requirements (Dependencies):
LemonUI (SHVDN3)
ScriptHookV and ScriptHookVDotNet

Extract the zip file (UberDriver.dll, UberDriver.ini and UberDriver Folder) into your scripts folder. Check the mod photos/videos for a step by step installation.

How to Use:
Use F6 to open the menu. All controls are customizable in the .ini file.

Known bugs: Fleeing passengers upon pickup, minimap stops rotating during an active job

NOTICE: Peds spawning in the middle of the street where there is no sidewalk available is normal.


  • 0.3.1a: Allowed passengers to enter any available seat, fixed script crashing if you exit your vehicle during a ride, fixed levelling up when the ride is cancelled/when an error message is thrown.
  • 0.3a: Fixed job timer not resetting.
  • 0.2a: Fixed being not able to start a job. Made the UI more user friendly, eliminated some FPS issues, adjusted payouts to be more realistic, fixed rating always being 5/5.
  • 0.1a (Fixed): Fixed the busy area cooldown.

For any more information, check the GitHub page.

NEW: This mod is now open sourced! Repository

NEW: Check out forks of the mod here
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