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The Menu

This mod was designed with couch players in mind, specifically for controller use. With The Menu, just about anything that can be done without a keyboard. You can customize the menu anyway you wish allowing flexibility and personalisation.

Each menu item is assigned commands, these commands include Vehicle Actions, Spawning, Key Presses, Execution Delay and many more to come.

Any Menu Item can trigger a mixture of multiple commands allowing for some creativity.

Only allow specific menu's or menu items to show under certain conditions. These conditions can also be matched by All, Any or Exact.

Menu's within Menu's, just to add to the flexibility...

Forget Hotkeys
While your mod collection is expanding, so is your available hotkeys and memory. The Menu is perfect for letting loose and handle all those mods for you.

The Menu - Read Me

RagePluginHook 0.36.877.6833 (

Copy "The Menu.xml", "The Menu.dll" and "The Menu"(Folder) To [GTA V Folder]\Plugins
Copy "AutoItX3.dll" To The Root Of Your GTA V Folder

The Settings and Configurations are inside "The Menu.xml" File, The current menu is a Place-holder and will need to be changed to suit your own needs.
Edit "The Menu.xml" file (preferably with notepad++) to customize your menu and change some settings. The Menu is in beta stages and will more than likely contain bugs.
To load this plugin, Either enable the plugin from ragehook settings menu (launch GTA V via rage hook and click the settings icon) or by pressing F4 while in game which will bring up the RagePluginHooks Console and typing loadplugin "The Menu.dll".

(Fixed) Animations will wait for the previous animation to finish

(Added) Animation command attribute "flags"
(Changed) Disabled controller input for short time after menu item is selected so it doesn't trigger other actions

(Changed) Renamed titles and menus to encourage users to change and personalize their menus
(Fixed) Minor Improvements

(Fixed) Animation crash

(Fixed) Cleaned Dev Code
(Added) Common Library
(Added) Plugin Command

(Fixed) Version Checking
(Added) Custom System Fonts
(Added) Default MenuList Settings
(Changed) Renamed author to something more familiar

(Fixed) Error Initializing

(Fixed) Going to previous menu where the menu was not ment to be shown
(Fixed) Recordings being initiated from controller
(Added) Time command
(Added) Version check including option to turn on or off
(Change) Empty title on a menu item will now try to use the first child node inner text before being disregarded

(Fixed) Remove the need for a dependant file LSPDFR

(Fixed) Remove the need for a dependant file AppDomain

(Fixed) Rendering of the UI
(Update) Requires RagePluginHook 0.36.877.6833
(Added) User interface sounds
(Added) Menu display controller button delay option
(Added) Setting - menu default color

(Change) Name of condition Match to Exact
(Added) 'None' option for texture on sub menus
(Added) Sub items inherits the parents options
(Added) Template system
(Added) Animation command

(Update) Requires RagePluginHook 0.17.639.4039
(Fixed) Error initializing caused by comments being parsed in an xml file

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