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The Betta Bank Heist adds a completely new bank interior and heist into the game. You can rob cash, gold or diamonds from its secure vault in addition to the deposit boxes.

Special thanks to nowa#4704 and monkeymafia69#9983 for supporting me on patreon!

Open the rar file.

Drag and drop the contents into your scripts folder.

Do you have any questions? Bugs to report? or want to suggest me anything for the mod or suggest one In general? Contact me here on my discord server!

Installation instructions are also inside the download.

How to use the mod: Head over to the Betta Bank which is marked by a grey cash blip and start the heist.


VERS 1.4: - Fixed the animation dictionary for the trolley animations not loading.
- Fixed the time setting to midnight after dying.

VERS 1.3: - Fixed heist music still playing (Last patch did not work).
- Added buyer.
- Added cooldown for starting the heist after completing it.

VERS 1.2: - Fixed the trolley animation speed not lowering when putting the loot in your bag.

VERS 1.1: - Fixed heist music still playing even after dying.
- Fixed issue when looting a trolley, the loot would not appear.

VERS 1: Base mod

Menyoo (Some props require this to spawn for some reason)
Tuners Version of GTA5 or above.
Script Hook V
Script Hook VDotNET

Better to have legitimate copy of the game
(I don't know if it would work on a cracked version)

The Betta Bank Heist © All Rights Reserved
All files are owned by M8T, re-distribution of these files without consent from M8T is prohibited.
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