Stunt Helper v1.2



This mod is for designed for helping to achieve stunts.

You can now save your position with Numpad 7 (can be changed in StuntHelper.ini).
Then if you fail, you can retry by teleporting to the saved position:
✲- With the Speed: Numpad 1.
✲- Without the Speed: Numpad 3.

Stunt Helper v1.2 has good features:
✲- Speed accurate
✲- On / Off (Enter + DEL)
✲- Better default controls (.ini)
✲- Notification when saving with position and rotation
✲- The mod spawn a vehicle when teleporting, if you're not sit in a vehicle.

✲- Place StuntHelper.asi and StuntHelper.ini to the GTA V Directory.

✲- Script Hook V
✲- ASI Loader (included in Script Hook V "dinput8.dll")

If you use this mod, put it in the description the use of this mod because he helps me a lot!
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