Stick analogic as steering wheel for Manual Transmission, 900 degrees and more 1.0

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- ScriptHookV
- ScriptHookVDotNet
- Manual Transmission (if you don't want the transmission to be manual just install it and disable it by opening the menu and making "Gearbox" to "Automatic")
- Enhanced steering mode in Manual Transmission settings

OTHER MODS (Optional)

Recommanded mods:
- Fix camera in Custom camera
- Steering display


Analogic stick of the controller as steering wheel.
Steering with the analog stick but like a circle, not horizontal.
Before: Steering depends on the axis x of the stick analogic.
After: Steering depends on the angle of sliding the stick analogic just like a real steering wheel.
Example: When you bring analog stick to a random direction and you hold it, the wheels still in the middle, and then when you slide it clockwise in a circle passage then you hold it, the wheels turn right in an angle and still in it, then when you release the stick analogic, the wheels recenter (can be disabled).

Why is this mod:
- Realistic,
- Precise,
- Disables the magic forces,
- Useful for fine-steering like custom steering,
- Useful for drifting,
- Useful for parking.

- Custom angle (900 by default),
- Custom recentering multiplier,
- Custom workzone and deadzone of the stick analogic.

If you find it annoying to play with, that means just you haven't the habit of it yet, you have the habit of the old steering, so if you find it annoying don't rate bad, please rate about technical things.


Put "AnalogAsWheel.dll" and "AnalogAsWheel.ini" in "scripts" folder.


- First release.


- Alexander Blade
- Crosire
- ikt


Support notes:

The date of updating depends on priority and support.
By donating with PayPal the current mod will have support and priority.
By becoming Patron on Patreon the mod will have support.
If the current mod has the priority, the more support the sooner will be the update.
Priority list is in the first public post on Patreon.

Do NOT redistribute or reupload without getting permission from the author of the reuploaded file!

Development status: failed to update.
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