Speed Mod / Random Bomb On Bus 3.0


Ever wanted to be keanu reeves?
Now you can save the day over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again! LOOOOOOOL

You guys will love this, Random bombs on busses with audio and a way to defuse the bomb, I'll let you figure that one out LOL :D....

Remember... stay above 50!

Turn on/off mod (hold shift) + (period)

Copy entire zip contents to scripts folder

Requires Scripthookv and Scripthookvdotnet

If you're having problems with this mod then restart your game.

Update Log: 3.0
Completely recoded
Add your own music/audio clips to the sound folders whenever you want them triggered.

This DLL uses a system dependency to play multiplesounds
If you require this lib, Please let me know.

pleaseeeee donate <3 thank you my love bunnies <3
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