Sleep anywhere 2.0



This script will allow you to go to sleep anywhere. You can choose how many hours your character will sleep.

This is a great way to pass time without using trainers or saving the game. If you like this mod, in the next versions I'm planning to add a fatigue meter for each character. You can also sleep in the car - the correct animation will work.

Press the TAB and Q (Y and LB) to open the menu.

For more realistic game play, the script includes a fatigue system. After three hours a night your character will want to sleep, and a fatigue scale will appear on the screen. Close to morning the scale will be completely filled, and the character will fall asleep on the spot and sleep for 8 hours.

To disable the fatigue system, open the SleepAnywhere.ini file and set FATIGUE to 0.

Requirements: Script Hook V .NET, LemonUI.


  • Code updated to ScriptHookDotNet3
  • NativeUI library replaced by LemonUI
  • Added support for gamepad control
  • Balanced fatigue accumulation at night
  • Slightly simplified the interaction menu
  • If the player falls asleep forcibly, he will wake up in the same place instead of near the hospital.

  • Fixed a bug that could prevent sleep animation from playing.

  • A full fatigue system has been added
  • Added correct animation of sleeping in the car
  • Small changes in the interaction menu

  • Initial release
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