SimpleCTRL 1.0.5


SimpleCTRL is a plugin for controlling various vehicle functions such as indicators, engine control, and other features.



  • Improved Speedometer functionality.
  • Enhanced Vehicle Indicators.
  • Optimized Engine Control.
  • Upgraded Brake Lights.
  • Instant Brake feature to eliminate the need for reversing.
  • Brake overheating mechanism to discourage brake spamming.
  • Enhanced realism of vehicle flipping, preventing manual flipping when the vehicle is overturned.
  • Car HUD with license plate, engine status, DSC status, AC status, fluid levels, and oil status display.



    - LemonUI

    To install this plugin, the .dll file must be placed in a "plugins" folder.
    This folder can be reached by going to the Grand Theft Auto V directory and placing the .dll file in the "plugins" folder.
    If this plugins folder does not exist, then you can simply create it.


    I would be happy to receive feedback. If there are any Bugs, please let me know!


    [1.0.5] - 03/2/2024
  • Removed Engine Modifier Key to streamline refuel support, eliminating conflicts by requiring key hold down.
  • Fuel button now automatically hides when the fuel tank is full, enhancing user interface.
  • All notifications are now enabled by default, ensuring a more informed user experience.
  • Removed repair shop locations at LSC Burton, LSC by airport, LSC La Mesa, LSC Haramony, and LSC Paleto Bay.
  • Reorganized JSON files into a "data" folder within the SimpleCTRL directory for improved management.
  • Adjusted distances between repair shops, introducing New RepairShops.json file for easy customization.
  • Updated Common.dll & renamed to Venoxity.Common.dll.
  • Added RefuelKey option for [CONTROLS] and [BUTTONS] in the .ini file.
  • Introduced AllowShuffle ini option within [IMMERSION], preventing automatic switching from passenger to driver when set to false.
  • Added ShuffleKey for [CONTROLS], enabling seamless seat swapping on double-tap.
  • Introduced ParkingMode ini option inside [IMMERSION].
  • Added ParkKey and ParkModifierKey, ELSKey inside [CONTROLS].
  • Implemented new indicator mode system with options for Normal and TurnOffAtTurn. (AutomaticTurn feature coming soon) Configurable option: VehicleIndicatorMode.
  • Indicator sounds can now be toggled off by setting VehicleIndicatorSounds to false.
  • New options LicensePlateEnabled and EngStatusEnabled, ParkModeIndicatorEnabled added to the [DISPLAY] settings.
  • Added VehicleParkSirenKill, LeaveDoorOpenWhenEngineOn to [OTHER] ini.

    Bug Fixes
  • Rectified repair shop interaction help messages and subtitles displaying outside of the vehicle.
  • Fixed issue allowing infinite attempts to fix the car while on foot.
  • Addressed fuel bar disappearance when the minimap is not on-screen.
  • Fixed issue allowing exit with seatbelt on. (Thanks to Faya for guidance!)
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