Sell Hotdogs [.NET] 1.0.6 Hotfix


This mod allows you to open a hotdog stand and sell food!

  • Go to any 24/7 and buy ingredients.
  • Go anywhere and press H to place your stand (I suggest doing it in more populated areas).
  • Pedestrians around you will come and purchase food.
  • Press H once you're ready to serve them. Note: If you don't have everything they want you can still serve them but they will only pay for what you gave them at least. If they wait too much time they will leave!
  • Press K to use the grill. While at the grill, hold shown NumPads to prepare the food type you need. Wait until the orange bar is filled and you're done!
  • Hit U to check the fridge.
  • Automatic save of inventory.

  • Release 1.0: Release!

Script Hook V
Script Hook V .NET
NativeUI (Included in the file.)

Drop everything in to the "scripts" folder.
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