Seatbelt + Seat Shuffle + GPS radar in specific vehicle 2.1b




Cause of hard perfomance hit i've decided to separate modules from EnhancedDrivingExperience to different projects, so if you use one of them ,you NEED to delete my EnhancedDrivingExperience scripts!
This script adds seatbelt with sound effects and animation. If you use seatbelt, the character cannot be dragged out from the vehicle and cant fly through the windshield if his vehicle will crash in something on a high speed.Also you can shuffle seat.Also i've include GPS function.It make possible to set GPS in any vehicle you like once with UIMenu. (Read Changelog 1.7 for more info)


Just drop all files from the Script folder to your GTAV/Scripts/ folder;


-GTA V v1.0.877.1 to 1.0.1290.1 or higher (Probably old versions will work too,i didnt tested it yet);
-Latest ScriptHookV;
-ScriptHookVDotNet2.5 or higher;
-UINative 1.7 or higher(Included);
-NAudio.dll (Included);


Can be customized in .ini file

Hold "Context" button and Press "VehicleDuck" to toggle seatbelt;
Hold "VehicleSubAscend" (Tilt vehicle forward) and Press "VehicleExit" to exit vehicle from passengers side;
Hold "VehicleSubAscend" and Press "Duck" to Shuffle seat without exiting vehicle;




-Some code optimziation;


-Added possobility to customize keys in .ini file;
-Added "seatbelt is On" icon;


-Fixed issue with hint was poping up even if character sitting on the bikes,bicycles and quadbikes;


-Added option to hear seatbelt sound effects only from first person of view from vehicle interior (turned on by default);


-Icon now will be hidden if hud is disabled or hidden;


-Improved sound system;
If you play from the first person view scripts sound effects will be pretty loud, if you're sitting in vehicle with no roof or with broken/opened windows or doors and using 3rd person view mode the sounds will be less loud
and if you're using third person view mode and no windows are intact and car has a roof and all doors are sealed the sounds will be much more quiter;


Replace .ini file and VehicleList.xml in Seatbelt folder

-Added function to set chime sound effect only for specific vehicles you prefer;
-Added UImenu(if checked then chime sound will be play if seatbelt is off and car is moving);
-Added VehicleList.xml file;


Replace .ini file and VEhicleList.xml in Seatbelt folder

-Added GPS function(Now you can set GPS radar in any vehicle on your will with UImenu if GPS_FUNCTION set to "true" in .ini file in case if you dont use for some reason this great mod:( by @Illo (wich i would like to thank for all help he provided me).
If you're not in the vehicle and phone is not active the radar will be hidden as well;To show it again,just take out your phone!


-Added gps navigator model (aka phone) on dashglow board if GPS is on;
-Added sound effect of attaching navigator to dashglow board;


-Added option ("false" by default) to save GPS'ed vehicles or to set GPS Nav everytime you gettin in vehicle and take it with you,when leaveing car;


-Fixed some UImenu issues;


-Fixed navigator position so it would fit in most vanila cars;
-Added possobility to see radar if you're sitting in a car without gps but with the phone in hands;


Important note For some reason GPS function conflicts with latest version of Native Enhanced Trainer
-Few script crashing issue were fixed;


-Added function to enable/disable (enabled by default) GPS system function on foot;
-Fixed Shuffle sit function issues;


-Fixed GPS on foot function (now it should work);
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