Save Vehicle/Mileage/Weapons in Trunk 2.3


Attention I've included manual.pdf file in archive,so there i explained how to customize key bindings for my mods.

This mod lets you to save vehicle anywhere you like.Whats the difference from other alike mods? This mod supports the latest game version,also it saves windows status, engine health, paint fadeout, dirt level, tire bursts, headlights status (if them are on/off or broken), door lock/unlock status , if any door,hood or trunk is broken it will be broken untill you fix it e.t.c...Also it save mileage of personal vehicle that you can always check + as bonus you can keep all your weapons and attachments ,including latest (14.12.2018) DLC in the personals vehicle (in any of 3 for each character) in the trunk and retrieve them back anytime you want,even due the mission !

Just get close to any vehicle,take out your phone (the crosshair/dot will apear on screen), look at car you want to save,then you'll see icon above the car and hint with button you need to press to save/remove car.Also the script will load saved car automaticly once you reload script or load/enter game.

-Save 3 vehicles(any vehicle/plane/bike/boat) for each character anywhere;
-Save windows status (If them are broken or not);
-Save dirt level status;
-Save paint fadeout status;
-Save all car mods;
-Save tire burst status;
-Save doors,trunk and boot status(if they are broken-off or not / Open or Close);
-Save vehicle door lock status (compatible with any other vehicle lock mods);
-Save engine/vehicle health status;
-Save vehicle stolen status;
-Save fuel level;
-Save mileage data;
-Vehicle explotation limitation based on mileage data;
-Phone finger slide animation;
-Auto-update vehicle status;
-Lock/unlock sound effects;

How to install

Drop all folders and files in Script folder to your ../gta5/Scripts/ (Just like all the other Scripthookvdotnet2 .dll scripts)


.NET Framework 4.5.2
Visual C++ 2015
ScriptHookV Latest
ScriptHookVDotNet Latest
Naudio.dll (Included in arhive)



-Added "stolen" status;
-Fixed front windows status issue;


-Fixed .png icon issue (Now it will apear only when character is standing near some car with phone in hands);
-Changed personal car blip sprite;
-Added different blip color for each character;
-Improved personal vehicle detection function;

1.2 Hotfix

-Window and Engine status save issue fixed;


-Added possobility to save any vehicle type (planes,boats,bikes..e.t.c);
-Added 2 more save slots for cars (3 total);
-Added doors/bonnet/trunk open/close status;
-Added front windscreen status save;
-Added rear left and right windows status save;
-Added "fuel level" save data;
-Fixed "stolen car" data save;
-Fixed engine and headlights data save;


-Added auto vehicle status update (can be turned off in .ini file);
-Added function lock/unlock saved vehicle without deleting it (Replace .ini);


-Added mileage status (Your personal vehicle will have random mileage data, if data will get over 100,000k the car will look dirty, with faded out paint and will have poor engine health);
-Added possobility to check if car is wanted and mileage data;
-Vehicle explotation limitation based on mileage data;


-Added possobility to change vehicle mileage explotation limit in SaveMyCar.ini file;
-Fixed custom tires apply function;
-Added more vehicle mods to save data;
-Fixed script crashing issue when trying to lock vehicle;


-Vehicle load message will show now only when script is loaded.
-Vehicle load and detection improvments;
-Changed blip sprite for more realistic and common.
-Blip will now be visible only when character is using phone;


-Removed "vehicle load" notification;


-Code optimization (Vehicle will now load only when character is around save coords);


-Fixed bug where script duplicated saved vehicle after loading the game if character was staying in vehicle;


-Added function to Stash all your weapons and attachments in the personal vehicles (in any of 3 for each character),including all DLC weapons and attachments (till 14.12.2018 ), and retrieve them back any time you need,even due the mission;


-Improved vehicle loading system;
-Improved closing trunk animation;
-Changed vehicle blips (became a little bigger and not flashing);
-Added option in .ini file to enable/disable vehicle load notification;
-Improved weapon NativeUI menu system (now character wont close trunk after you take or put guns untill you close menu manually);


-Weapon Menu shouldnt blink too much anymore;
-Removed lock/unlock icon;
-Added in .ini option to disable/enable personal vehicle constant check;
-script optimization;


- Fixed some bugs with vehicle spawn/dispawn function;


- Improved camera position;
- Added compatibility with "Store Weapons in Duffle Bag" script (You can stash your bag in trunk of your saved cars,just dont forget to update "Store Weapons in Duffle Bag" too);


-Added trunk function for main character's vehicles (No need to save them to access the trunk now);
-Blocked possobility to save main character's vehicles(no need to save them anymore);
-Reseted values in slot1.ini ,slot2.ini,slot3.ini files (need to replace them,if someone experienced problems with saving vehicles);

2.2b Hotfix

-Fixed issue with store dufflebag in trunk of main character's vehicles function;


-Changed NativeUI version from 1.8 to 1.7 (Need to replace new file from my arhive.I did it For those who use MapEditor and BetterChases,wich support NativeUI 1.7);
-Improved weapon invetory UI menu;
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