Repeat Offender Callout (LSPDFR 3.1 - RPH 37+) 1.8


This will be the first, and short hand release of Repeat Offender series - while I do plan to add more callouts to it, and polish the first one (possible vehicle breaking and entering), I decided since I'm low on time to let everyone have a go at it. It currently ONLY SPAWNS in the city area, more so in the Davis/Hood area in the southern side of the city.

What to expect :

Real police work. In short. You'll have to pay close attention to the suspect (if you find him) and go from there. Pressing F5 will GIVE YOU OPTIONS. Sometimes the subject of the call did nothing wrong.

What can happen? I'll talk about a few out comes because there are literally over 200 different things...

Subject runs on sight of police
Subject is innocent and hasn't done anything wrong
Subject attempts to attack player (sometimes a fatal attack, sometimes not)
Subject attempts to drop drugs or stolen items without the player seeing (back track your footchases before calling 10-8!) THESE ITEMS ARE SMALL, YOU'RE THE POLICE, GET YOUR FLASH LIGHT OUT AND GO FIND IT! Heroin bags, illegal prescriptions, crack pipes, small stolen wallets, he will try to ditch things (SOMETIMES, NOT ALWAYS) Keep that in mind... collected evidence YIELDS POINTS!
Sometimes you cannot take any legal action against the person if you didn't see anything. When you 10-8 from the call, you'll get a brief of how well you've done. You can arrest (detain the person) if you wish, however, if you decide not to charge them, releasing them will not count as a negative arrest.

Callouts are entirely way to straight forward so far, lets change that.
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