PopcornCars [Lua] 1.0


[What is it?]

Cook cars and turn them into popcorn.

Inspired by the work of 'MoMadenU'.

During one of his training videos for his Native WorkBench he was testing some code and was having fun with opening car doors and making them fly.

It reminded me of popcorn a bit, and wanted to completed the look as best I could. I find the mod fun and I hope you do too ;-)

Big thanks for NoMadenU and his great Native-WorkBench mod. Check out here:

How to use

Press "k" to cook cars and turn them into popcorn.

1. Install Script Hook
2. Install the LUA script plugin for Scripthook
3. Download the file
4. Put the PopcornCars.lua file in your \Grand Theft Auto V\scripts\addins folder.
5. Text will appear above the mini-map when installed correctly

This code is free to use and share, but please give credit and use in good will. (CoreLogic
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