Pacific Standard Heist COMPLETE 0.6.0



Huge Thanks Go To -
HKH - for helping with the Hacking and gate doors -
DanTheMan - for helping with the Hacking and gate doors -
DJ-LEXX on my discord server for being an amazingly talented thumbnail maker because my skills suck ass lmao
Patreon -

To Start the heist Go to the Big Green H on the map.
Then buy the apartment and play the setups.

you'll need enableallinteriors and delete open all interiors for this to work.

To install just drag the dll and pdb into your Scripts folder

DanTheMan has also created a pac standard heist mod except its free so please go check it out here -
0.6.0 -
Fixed horrible bug making people not able to find apartment and blip
Added Companions for the entire heist TeamMates - (CruelMastrMC, Jim, John)
Added Finale Pacific Standard
Whole New Renovation to companions so they NEVER leave your side unless scripted to.
No longer need to buy apartment because that's just stupid in my opinion
overall improvements to setups
Added new Exit Setup Start Animation(from my humane lab's heist)
0.5.2 -
Fixed in not detecting what stage your on
0.5.1 -
Added ini file for apartment and heist setups.
also added setup passed after finishing a mission.
0.5.0 -
Adds 2 setups and several cutscenes
0.3.0 -
Decided to make it three setups
Adds the setup 3 - Van Drive Swap with 3 cutscenes
0.2.0 -
The rest of the updates are going onto Patreon.
Base mod 2 setups and a couple of cutscenes.
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