NSWPF radio codes for grammar police (Australia) 1.0

Da35c6 cop radio 465x288 060809 fct465x286 ct677x380


This is my xml edits to grammar police/immersive dispatch to allow you to vocally use New South Wales Police radio terminology. Easily editable to use your own LAC/callsigns.

A full list of available commands is available in the pdf provided, but a few features are:

*call in to radio with your own callsign (eg, newcastle 35. radio will then say go ahead)

*Over 300 prefaces have been included to allow use of different variants eg you can say north two five one, or north two fifty one, and both will be understood. North/south include numbers 200 to 250, while the Newcastle/lake Macquarie (changeable) include from 10 to 49, which can be used as Newcastle thirty five, or newcastle three five etc.
easily change prefaces to your own LAC. default included are newcastle/lake macquarie and south/north for highway, however in the xml you can swap them out to your own LAC eg sydney city, mid north coast etc, or add extra highway callsigns such as central metro by copy/pasting the relevant section and updating the name (more details in the PDF)

*accept callouts with terms such as "newcastle 17 responding code red 5 minutes*

*request backup with terms such as "newcastle 21 can i get another car to my location"
*"North 241 I need firies" "lake macquarie 16 can i get an ambo"

*mark yourself available/unavailable with terms such as "newcastle 33 we're off on joshua road" newcastle 33 we're back on"

*request ID/plate checks with terms such as "can i get a CNI check thanks" "can i get a rego check please"

*request code blue/red backup

*replace code 99 panic button with signal one


Grammar police:

Immersive dispatch:


download and install both of the above. Replace the files provided by me in \plugins\LSPDFR\GrammarPolice\grammar\en-AU\custom

I have only provided the XMLs i have modified, they will do nothing without the above plugins.

Make sure to set grammar police ini to use en-AU


Radio sounds in the video are taken from NSW police radio recordings, however is still WIP and not included. you will notice it chops between nsw radio and in game dispatcher at some points. Your game will have the default dispatcher talk to you unless you have previously edited your sounds.


recorded with a shitty mic and texture loss cause i spammed too many panic button calls before recording and couldnt be bothered restarting the game😂
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