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This mod is a standalone version of my MC Businesses from my Biker Business mod, the mod has been optimized to run on its own without the need for LemonUI, Ifruitaddon2 and my mod helper, however being fully compatible with MC Businesses from Biker Business and Drug Trafficking V2 (except for overlapping markers/blip if an MC Business is located in the same spot)

This mod adds all 5 MC Businesses to the game, The Document Forgery Office, Counterfiet Cash Factory, Weed Farm. Meth Lab, and Cocaine Lockup, each one has 4 different locations to choose from (Can only buy one of each), all from GTAO

Enable All interiors or a mod that loads MP maps and the interiors

1. download and Install scripthookv + Scripthookvdotnet
2. create a scripts folder (named scripts and not Scripts) if you havent got one already
3. drag HKH191'sMCBusinesses_Standalone.dll, HKH191'sMCBusinesses_Standalone.pdb and HKH191'sMCBusinesses Folder into scripts
4. Launch game
5. look at your map to find a MC Business

many bug fixes and improvements
fixed lag issue
fixed gang members being too op
fixed different gang members spawning in missions
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