Los Santos RED Alpha 0.21



> Enhanced and Customizable Free-Roam

> Installation
  • Place all RAGE Plugin Hook files in the root GTA V directory
  • Place all RAGENativeUI files in the root GTA V directory
  • Download the latest release and drag into the Plugins folder in the root GTA V directory
  • Installation video attached
  • To update, remove Los Santos RED.dll, Los Santos RED.pdb, and the LosSantosRED folder in your plugins folder and replace with the newest version.

> Features

Enhanced Free Roam Mode
  • Dispatch
    • Dynamic difficulty
    • Script based
    • Create custom agencies
      • Set their patrolling and responding areas
      • Set their weapons and vehicles
      • Set the max threat they respond to

    • Redone police scanner audio
    • Can respond to civilian and player called in crimes
    • Police will deploy dynamic roadblocks Including spike strips. They can appear on any road with any agencies vehicles

  • Busted/Wasted Choose Your Start
    • Added "undie" after death to call a mulligan and continue the chase
    • Added bribing of police
    • Added surrendering to police
    • Added ability to chose jail/hospital to respawn at

  • Tasking
    • Police and civilians are more reactive
    • Police react more realistically to escalation
    • Civilians react with fight or flight response instead of ignoring you
    • Added ability to be busted at greater than 1 star
    • Cops will now give foot chase and use tazers
    • Cops will now apprehend and arrest peds that are committing crimes
    • Civilians can react and call in other civilians crimes
    • Civilians can commit random crimes
    • Civilians can now be arrested and transferred to the station
    • Cops will now say more based on the current chase state

  • Crimes
    • Added/Tweaked vanilla crimes
    • Added other common crimes
    • Added traffic offenses
      • Felony speeding, reckless driving, hit-and-run, etc.

    • Fully configurable
      • Set who can report, wanted level gained, etc.

  • Investigations
    • Police will respond and investigate areas called in by civilians
    • The more serious the crime the faster the response

  • Interactions
    • Added Talking with any NPC in the world
      • Ability to react positively and negatively, RDR2 style
      • Different Civilian/Police groups react differently to antagonism

    • Added mugging civilians to get extra spending money

  • Activities
    • Drinking and Smoking are now possible without being stuck in one place
    • Drinking/Drugs will cause intoxication, with similar effects to vanilla
    • Police and Civilians are aware of you being too intoxicated
    • Ability to steal and replace license plates on cars
    • Ability to surrender or commit suicide to quick end a chase
    • Cigarettes are hazardous to your health

  • Redone Carjacking
    • Carjacking can be done with any weapon now
    • Ability to quickly execute the target when doing an armed carjacking

  • Redone Car Lock-Picking
    • Most cars are now locked and require picking to enter along with hotwiring to start
    • Traditional smash-and-grab is still available however cops are now on the lookout for suspicious vehicles (broken windows, smashed headlights, etc.)

  • Ped Swapping
    • Become any ped you come across on the street
    • Auto generated name, criminal record, vehicle, and weapon
    • Spend money! Buy a soda! Go to Ammunation! The game will treat the ped as a main character and allow you to use money as expected

  • Vehicle Features
    • Button press indicators
    • Button press ignition
    • Disabled auto vehicle start
    • Vehicle Fuel
    • Auto window roll down when doing a drive-by

  • Fully Adjustable Settings

  • Plus lots more

> Default Controls
  • F10 - Main Menu
  • F11 - Debug Menu (disabled)
  • E - Surrender
  • G - Drop Weapon and Ammo
  • Shift & E (In Car) - Right Blinker
  • Shift & Q (In Car) - Left Blinker
  • Shift & Space (In Car) - Hazards
  • Shift & X (In Car) - Toggle Engine
  • Vehicle Enter (Occupied, Press, w/ Weapon) - Carjack With Weapon
  • Vehicle Enter (Occupied, Hold) - Regular Carjack
  • Vehicle Enter (Empty, Press) - Lockpick
  • Vehicle Enter (Empty, Hold) - Smash Window
  • (others should have prompts)

> License
  • License: GPL v3

> Credits
  • alexguirre
  • alloc8or
  • pongo1231
  • Eddlm
  • FoxUnitOne
  • RAGE Plugin Hook Team
  • GTAForums

> Github

    Github Link
  • Open source, see how the sausage is made
  • Report issue, request features, etc.

> Compatibility
  • Incompatible with
    • Any Police Script Mod
    • Any Wanted Level Changing Mod
    • Story Mode (Most Likely)

  • Can you make it work with XXX No.
  • Do not save and turn off autosave
  • Restart the game without the mod active before saving (does some memory editing)

> Discord

> Issues
  • This is an alpha, expect crashes/low performance
  • Peds and Cops may react unexpectedly, AI programming is hard
  • Some settings are not implemented/ do not exist
  • Turning off some settings may cause other unexpected issues, mostly tested with everything ON
  • If the mod doesn't load/can't get to the settings page, Once you are successfully loaded into SinglePlayer with RagePluginHook press F4. Type: ReloadAllPlugins and press Enter.
  • If you delete the xml files, they will be recreated on next launch with the default settings.
  • If you have crashes, please post the contents of your RagePluginHook.log file (located in the root GTA V directory). This will allow me to quickly see the exact error.

  • Version 0.21
    • Added ped police response. Police will now apprehend peds who are committing crimes (player can use to divert attention)
    • Added ped crime committing. Peds can randomly commit crimes in the world, against you or other peds (configurable with timeouts)
    • Added ped crime tracking. Peds will call in crimes committed by other peds (configurable)
    • Added ped arresting. Player can watch peds who are busted by the cops be transported to jail (more to come)
    • Added helicopter mounted weapons and spotlight control
    • Added more description to the suspicious vehicle scanner report
    • Added more description to the player status notification
    • Added crime display that shows all crimes currently violating (used to see what triggers a wanted level default off)
    • Added even more tweakable settings
    • Updated police chasing to react more dynamically (getting in and out of a car, when to stop, etc.)
    • Updated error handling to allow some small errors on update without needing an entire restart
    • Updated buttons used to start to avoid conflicts with other mods
    • Updated search mode stopping to hopefully fix the floating weapons some players experience
    • Updated and simplified ped perception to be more reliable
    • Updated to allow non pilot peds to use long guns in the helicopter
    • Updated military and 4 star response vehicles and passengers
    • Updated weapon assignment in helis and tanks, they are much tougher now
    • Updated arresting and unarresting animations
    • Updated Weapons.xml to include some new DLC weapons
    • Updated cops voice lines to correspond to another target (if applicable)
    • Fixed county jurisdiction spawning issues, the air support divisions should now respond properly
    • Fixed some rare RAGE.Inventory and RAGE.Tasks crashes by calling the natives instead of using the built in classes
    • Fixed some general police tasking issues
    • Fixed heli tasking during active tasks
    • Fixed helicopters never having
    • Fixed having kidnapping trigger when passengers are in your group or are mission peds
    • Fixed startup notification to display the actual build number
    • Fixed unload notification text
    • Fixed helicopter and tanks passengers never using mounted weapons
    • Fixed police accuracy not matching the value from settings
    • Fixed police tasking when on foot in investigation mode, will now use the navmesh
    • Fixed police weapon assignment to disallow taser use in vehicle
    • And a lot more

  • Version 0.141
    • Fixed change/remove plate and save game menus not updating properly to changes until after a restart.
    • Fixed crash on change plate when there isnt a vehicle around
    • Fixed some general crashes and added more error checking
    • Fixed cops weapons attachments not being added to guns.
    • Fixed tracking of killed civilians and cops.
    • Fixed scanner to allow the multi audio reports to play.
    • Fixed getting constant police assault charges from a bleeding cop.
    • Fixed getting a wanted level right after ped swapping while busted MOST of the time (some edge cases you still might, fine system will help)
    • Fixed non-mod spawned police from getting stuck in a chase task even after a bribe.
    • Fixed riding as a passenger triggering a driving stolen vehicle
    • Fixed self-radio being auto set by default.
    • Updated missions peds to not be tasked or report crimes by default. Used to allow other mods to spawn enemies and not interfere.
    • Updated police speech and increased frequency.
    • Updated police tasking handle more possible chase states.
    • Lowered how often scanner can play ambient events.
    • Tweaked some crimes for better flow.
    • Increased time it takes to get intoxicated and to sober up.
    • Increased update frequency of police and civilians slightly to improve responsiveness.
    • Changed restricted zone to require you to be inside the zone for a period of time to trigger trespassing.
    • Added basic vehicle persistence, owned vehicles will not disappear until you are far away.
    • Added EMS Dispatching. Ambulances will now be added to ambient traffic (more to come).
    • Added Fire Dispatching. Firetrucks will now be added to ambient traffic (more to come).
    • Added Dynamic Roadblocks. Includes spike strips and can appear on any road. Uses any agencies vehicles.
    • Added vehicle ownership menu item. Used to flag a vehicle as owned so it isnt considered stolen and isnt locked.
    • Added new police response at level one. Police will now react more realistically to petty crimes.
    • Added new fine system. Can quick pay a small fee to get out of petty crimes.
    • Added permadeath mode.
    • Added grace period after bribing police or payng a fine. They won't worry about petty crimes for a bit afterwards, but will still respond to major crimes.
    • Added setting to disable my gas system and allow use of another mod/vanilla.
    • Added tons more settings to have even more control over the systems and difficulty.
    • Tweaked existing settings default values to make more sense

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