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An open-source plugin for Grand Theft Auto V that generates a labeled LiDAR point cloud form the game environment.


- Grand Theft Auto V
- ScriptHookV


1. Install ScriptHookV following its accompanying instructions
2. Copy-paste LiDAR GTA V.asi and the LiDAR GTA V folder into your GTA-V directory (the folder containing GTAV.exe*)

How to use

1. Navigate to #your_game_directory#/LiDAR GTA V/LIDAR GTA V.cfg and edit the parameters as needed. The parameters include: Horizontal FOV, Vertical FOV, Range, Density and Output filename
2. Start up GTA-V in a story mode
3. Press V to cycle through camera modes until first person mode is enabled
4. Press F6 to generate a LiDAR point cloud of the world
5. Output file is located under #game_directory#/LiDAR GTA V/#your_chosen_filename#.ply
6. The output is a Polygon File Format (.PLY) file containing only vertex data.
7. Vertex Color Code:

| Vertex Color | Label |
| Red | Vehicle |
| Green | Humans and Animals |
| Blue | Game props |
| White | Road, Buildings and other hitable textures |
| Black | No hit |

8. It is recommended to use CloudCompare (an open-source point-cloud viewer) to view the PLY file generated by LiDAR GTA V.


- Source Code: GitHub
- You will need Visual Studio 2019 or higher to open the project
- Any contributions to the project are welcomed, it's recommended to use GitHub Pull Requests


- Native Trainer (a ScriptHookV sample) was used as a starting point to import configuration.


v1.2 - Optimization - camera coordinates and rotation parameters are now fetched once rather than on every ray cast
v1.1.0 - Added ability to customize LiDAR parameters
v1.0.9 - First public release
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