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Welcome back! I'm back in action and ready to tackle any bugs you encounter. Count on quick fixes as I'm super active now. Thanks for your patience!

Follow the map blip to initiate kidnapping! Capture pedestrians without alerting the cops for simple, enjoyable gameplay.

Simply drop all files into the scripts folder.

- ScripthookV (latest version)
- ScripthookV.NET (latest version)
- iFruitAddon2 (version 0.4 or higher)
- Updated GTAV game
- Watch out for conflicting mods!

How to Start:
No keybinds necessary! Call your kidnapping contact [depends on what you set on the ini] or Head to the marked blip on the map (you can't miss it) and ensure you have enough cash to purchase the "kidnapping van" (modifiable in the ini file).

Extensively tested, currently no bugs. But if you spot any, let me know ASAP. It might be a bug unique to your setup.

- 0.1: Initial release
- 0.2: Added HUD settings, fixed potential bugs, introduced custom ped options.
- 0.3: Enabled repeated kidnappings, tweaked van locations, added custom location options.
- 0.4: Various bug fixes, introduced option to call van, added interactions with NPCs.
-0.5 : Torture Added! finally you can torture your kidnapped peds with synchronized animations. Also added few small tweaks and reacts.

Future Plans:
Share your ideas! I'm considering adding kidnapping missions where you earn cash by fulfilling requests.

All developed by yours truly, with a little support from the 5mods Discord community.
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