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Update to Version 1.2:

(Small correction: now you can throw up your vehicle as well as yourself while in it).
-Added 5 more keys from NumPad Panel and 2 Functional Keys:
1.Throw Vehicles Up = Multiply (*)
2.Throw Peds Up = Divide (/)
3.Throw Enemies Up = Decimal (.)
4.Throw YourSelf Up = F9
5.Remove All Weapons = Subtract (-)
6.Add Desired Weapons = Add (+)
7.Add All Weapons = F10
(Throwing keys works on keypress, i.e. when you hold it).
-Added option to fix and arm friends by pressing [Fix Player/Vehicle Key] already used.
-Added option to enable infinite ammo to the current selected weapon by pressing [Fix Player/Vehicle Key] already used while there found any enemies around. To disable infinite ammo in the current selected weapon press same key again when all enemies eliminated/run away.
-Added in the ini-file some more parameters of AutoUpgrade vehicles:
1.Wheel Types
2.Tire Smoke Colors
3.Neon Light Colors
4.Window Tints
(All colors, tints, etc codes and Vehicle and Weapon Model Names are included in the text files in Archive in folder [Stuff]).
-Added Desired Weapon Define Option in the ini-file;
(One weapon is predefined in the script as upgraded APPistol).
Note: Keys become pretty much, so disable them by typing "None" instead Key Name (if you want):
For Instance:
ThrowEnemiesUp = None
So, you can use this key in another mode or elsewhere for your needs.

Update to Version 1.1:

1.) Added new Key to upgrade selected Vehicle to max performance (for now you can change Vehicle colors in the ini-file, section [VehicleColors], just put your desired colors from the list (file "VehicleColors.txt" with Color Codes included in the Archive) opposite the Primary and Secondary Color Parameters, put only the Names of Color Codes, not Number), also you can input the License Plate Number in the Pop-Up Window and this key also can turn on and off BulletProof Tires;
2.) Added new functions to some keys which already Used:
- For the Key which fixes Player and Vehicle (Default K) added opportunity to change ragdoll on and off while on foot or on bike, switch fall out from windscreen on and off anywhere, change falling from the bike (while on bike), disarm all found around enemies anywhere, disable dragging out from the vehicle (while in vehicle, then to enable dragging out from vehicle press the same key when on foot);
- Added option to add Character's money (on keypress of the same key as do teleportation to WayPoint (Default F12), - when you hold it, - money in amount of $1000 will add on every script refresh (about $30 000 per second), - when you press it quickly, - it will add only $1000;
- The same key which turns on and off invincibility of player, will now turn on and off invincibility of vehicle (while in it), to switch player's invincibility now you need to exit vehicle.

This Mod activates the following features ingame by keystrokes on different keys:

1.] Fixes Player and Vehicle (default press K);
2.] Kills Enemies around game player character (default press O);
3.] Teleports player To WayPoint (default press F12);
4.] Turns Invincibility on and off (default press Pause);
5.] Sets Hour Of Day by input in pop-up window (default press F11);
6.] Spawns Desired Vehicle by input vehicle model name in pop-up window near the player (default press Delete);
7.] Turns on and off Police Wanted Level (default press End);
8.] Automatically Upgrades Vehicle to max performance (default press U);

This is my first attempt to use C# programming language for writing mods in GTA 5. This mod is working like the most of already shown here earlier, I just chose for myself something more suitable - well, and decided to share it here. Again, my programming is not good, I found most parts of code in the Internet and tried it together. Who cares - try. I did it more of curiosity and, of course, to see how the code works in the game, explore it (as I think most of coders does here).

For proper work Use the Following:
1.) Script Hook V;
2.) ScriptHookVDotNet;
3.) And Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2013 with Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2.

Throw dll-file and ini-file in the scripts folder, which is located in the root directory of the game. Change the keys in ini-file on your preferences, then press Insert key to reload ScriptHookVDotNet scripts in the game.
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