Home Invasion: DIY Add Raidable Homes 1.0

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Required basemod: Home Invasion
ScriptHookVNet: ScriptHookVNet

Want to add new houses to your existing Home Invasion mod?

It just became easy! This script allows you to instantly add a new Home Invasion marker to your game. How it works? Simple. You load up your game and you have installed the above requirements. Go to the doorstep you want to use as entry and you choose the type of housing. When you are sure, you press 3.

To test you can press insert, it reloads the script and Home Invasion will show your new Home Invasion right away.


- Changing the type of housing: Numpad 9 and 6
- Saving a marker: Numpad 3

Additional information

If you don't want to mark houses yourself, try our own 70+ raidable home mod:
Home Invasion: Extended

- Markers saved to the HomeInvasion.xml are marked with comment that has date and time. If you are not quite happy with a marker, just remove the one you added.

- All your saves also get sent to the DYI_HomeInvasion.txt file. You will see the date and time commented out for your reference.

HUD credits go to libertylocked
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