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This mod adds the ability to hack vehicles, NPCs and objects similar to how it was implemented in Watch Dogs 2.

To interact with a vehicle, NPC or object, you must point the camera at it and hold down the microphone activation key on the keyboard or the LB key on the gamepad. After that, press one of the following keys (keyboard keys can be changed in the ini-file):

For vehicle:
R (keyboard) / B (gamepad) - the car drives to the right,
F (keyboard) / X (gamepad) - the car drives to the left,
C (keyboard) / Y (gamepad) - the car drives forward,
Space (keyboard) / A (gamepad) - the car goes backwards,
For a trailer with a tanker: Space (keyboard) / A (gamepad) - blow up the tanker,
For aircraft: Space (keyboard) / A (gamepad) - damage the engine of aircraft,
For the security truck: Space (keyboard) / A (gamepad) - start hacking into the security truck. Hacking lasts 10 seconds. During hack, you need to stay close to the truck.

For NPCs:
Space (keyboard) / A (gamepad) - steal cash,
C (keyboard) / Y (gamepad) - call the NPC's phone and, after accepting the call, blow up the phone,
F (keyboard) / X (gamepad) - forge evidence. The process takes 3 seconds. After a while, the cops come to the NPC and kill him (in GTA V, unlike GTA IV, the cops immediately shoot the NPC without trying to arrest him).

For objects: Space (keyboard) / A (gamepad) - blow up the gas station/tank.

To enable / disable the mod, you must press the T (keyboard) / D-Pad Down (gamepad) key.

In addition, there is an ini-file, in which it is possible to customize keyboard controls, language (English and Russian), as well as change the color of the auto targeting line.

Tip: It is better to re-bind the microphone activation key (Push to Talk in the GTA Online section (see screenshot)) to a key convenient for you (for example, to the middle mouse button). It is also recommended to re-bind the Cinematic Camera in the Vehicle General section to another free key (for example, J).

Place the HackerMod.dll and HackerMod.ini files in the scripts folder. ScriptHookV.Net and NativeUI required.

Version 2.0 changelog:
-Reduced the delay between vehicle hacks,
-Added the ability to hack NPCs,
-Added the ability to hack objects,
-Added the ability to hack security truck,
-Added gamepad support,
-Added the ability to customize the mod via ini-file,
-Bug fixes.
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